Come and have a great time at the shooting range

People and weapons. Some people are absolute pacifists and they hate guns, but some people see it as a nice hobby, which relieves stress and enjoys some fun. These people go to the shooting range. The Prague shooting range is the best possible choice where you can relax. The Prague gun range is tottaly wonderful! Try many nice weapons in real life. If you are a fan of computer games – you will use your skills first hand.

You can take on the role of Lara Croft or a soldier from COD. Everything is possible.

pc game

People from the police go to the shooting range to keep their skills perfect, but also ordinary people who are holding a pistol in their hand for the first time. If you`re an absolute beginner – you don`t solve it at all, it doesn`t matter. They all start once.

If you want to have real fun, try to talk to the staff about a story. A story that will appeal to you. They can give you the perfect adventure on their premises. Try to defuse the bomb from the explosion or save civilians from terrorists. This will make your experience so great that you will not want to return to your life. Your success will accompany you all your life. You can immortalize your memories with a camera or just a mobile phone, which you can use to take pictures of what you want. Your adventure begins when the staff of this amazing shooting range puts you in a bulletproof vest and puts goggles on your face. And of course they put a gun in your hands.

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You can give a very popular experience to someone. You buy a discount voucher or arrange a gift at a point of sale at the shooting range. If the information you find on the website is not enough for you – call the staff directly and ask them for everything you need. Enjoy your free time properly. Experience something new. Something will fill you with optimism and good mood.